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Join Five is an iPhone/iPod version of the once popular pen-and-pencil game. If you played it in the past, you recognize it immediately; if you never played it, you'll learn it in seconds (rules are very simple).

Game is not only free, but we also hold a contest with prizes awarded to best players. Enjoy the game and make money!

How to play

The game starts with a fixed combination of dots ("cross" is a standard combination we selected for the first version of the game).
During each turn, place a dot to form a straight line that is exactly five "dots" long. If more than one line can be drawn, a player can choose which line to use for this turn. The game ends when no more dots can be placed on the grid to make a line. That's it - we've told you rules were very simple!

See our Help section for more details.


Player gets one point for each line drawn. Your goal is to draw as many lines as possible from the starting combination of dots (a cross).
It is unknown (to authors at the time of writing) if this game can be played indefinitely from the standard starting combination. We are holding a contest with prizes for the best scores, so soon enough we'll know the answer! (or not)

Check out the Leaderboard page to see best scores so far and who is winning.

Game screenshots